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An easy-to-use yet advanced system: a records calendar by office, receipts and reports, a digital health history form, a database of doctors and patients, and a list of prices and services provided. Only $99 per month. It is cloud-based and does not require installation on a computer. There is also a mobile version!

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A simple system
Developed by software engineers guided by dentists. You can start working right after you become familiar with it!
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Quick start
Works on any computer, tablet or smartphone; all you need is Internet connection. Simplified procedure of transferring the existing patient database, assistance in learning how to work with the application.
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From $99 per month
Zubok CRM works on a subscription model: you can pay monthly or save by paying annually. We offer a generous loyalty program. The price will remain the same for those who signed up for the current plans. Hurry up and sign up now, before the prices skyrocket!

About the program

Dental calendar

The receptionist will always know when and which doctor is available/busy.

When making an appointment in the settings, you can choose the number of chairs or rooms you want to use. All visits are saved in patient and doctor files.

The color-coded patient appointments. Transfer records by dragging the mouse over the calendar.


Finished list of ICD-10 diagnoses. Fast creation, calculation and printing. Convenient search by patients and doctors.

All data from the completed receipt (date, diagnoses, work done, doctor's full name) are automatically transferred to the Doctor's record book of the digital health history form

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We switched to Zubok CRM for the quick creation of receipts. Here we have ICD-10 diagnoses and a prepared list of services!

All patients

We have created a list searchable by first name, last name, and phone number.

You can access your clinic visit history right in the patient card and the health history form documents that, by law, can now be stored in electronic form

You can add images and other files to each patient's card.

Services and prices

A master list of the clinic's services, which are neatly categorized (anesthesia, therapy, orthodontics, etc.)

You assign the prices for your services, which are then displayed in your receipts and reports.

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We have a finished list of services, so you can just put your prices on it and get to work!


Quick search and easy-to-work-with list of doctors.

The option to add full name, phone number and access rights if you buy more than one license for the clinic.

Each doctor's card contains a history of patient visits.

Health history form

Forget the paper cards! Now, according to the law, you can store all reports on health history in electronic form. This can guarantee your safety when dealing with patient lawsuits in court!

Each new patient card automatically generates a state-recorded electronic form, which can be printed on a form if needed.

Dental form with WHO numbering. The diagnoses (according to ICD-C) and complaints are completed from a prepared list. The Doctor's record book is auto-filled from the previously created receipts of this patient.

Clinic reports

It is now easy for a manager to view the daily clinic report, even from his/her smartphone. It can be printed out in a convenient format.

The reports include: total clinic income for the day and the number of appointments by doctors.

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These reports are very useful. Now we know exactly how much income each doctor brings to our clinic.

Under development

New digital document templates.

Doctors work schedule.

Internet acquiring.

General chat

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This is Zubok CRM

Subscription plans

Hurry up to connect before prices go up!


0 $
3-day full version,
then free with restrictions
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    Receipt creation
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    Adding patients
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    Dental calendar
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    Price list and services
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    New modules and updates
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    Digital health history form
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    Report generation
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    Adding medical images
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    Technical support
Join for free
The best solution from 1 to 5 employees


99 $
for 1 employee
per month
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    Working with receipts
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    Patient and physician records
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    Digital health history form
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    Calendar of records by office
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    Adding medical images
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    Report generation
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    Price list and services
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    New modules and updates
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    Technical support 1 month


Our program is user-friendly and intuitive, but new things always raise questions, so we have prepared answers to some of the most common ones.
A free plan is a full version of the program for 3 days; then you continue working for free as well, but with some restrictions. You can create receipts, add new patients, and make appointments in your records calendar. Create your own price list with the clinic's services.
We will be increasing the number of free features. However, we recommend that you eventually switch to any of the paid plans that have the unique features of the full version of Zubok CRM.
Cabinet plan is a full cloud version of Zubok CRM, for $99 per month for 1 employee. It's the best solution when the dentistry has 1 to 5 employees.
After discussing the technical details, we will transfer your customer database, receipts, and list of services from Excel, if you provide your database in XML format, the transfer of information to Zubok CRM will be very fast.
We operate officially and will provide all the necessary supporting documents at your request. All of your clinic's data is securely protected and belong only to you! To access your personal account, you must enter your username and password, which is also known only to you. All traffic goes over https and end-to-end encryption is applied. We make backups of data every day and it is impossible to lose them. We give the opportunity to configure access rights for all employees for internal security.
Definitely. You need to acquire as many licenses as your clinic employees (doctors) that you need to bring into the program. Everyone will have private access to the program. You assign access rights from the doctor's card to each doctor individually.
Our program is usually updated every two to three weeks with minor updates. Cloud-based software (SaaS) can be a good way to ensure that your programs are always up to date. If you are in another country and want to work with our program. Please contact us via any communication channel. We will adapt the program to your region.
Do you have additional questions about Zubok CRM? CONTACT US, we will tell you everything!

Our successful team

We are honest with all our customers, we appreciate your opinion and make Zubok CRM better every day!


CEO. Marketing and development

Zubok CRM represents an interesting VC investment opportunity. The company's goal is to become the leader in the US dental software segment and create an affordable oral care tool for patients around the world. Three entrepreneurs who have been working in the same team for a long time have created a very easy-to-use and fast-growing service. Our company is developing a unique format of "trust sales" using artificial intelligence. Thus, the company is building a wide distribution network of oral care products and offers dentists a unique medical tool for earning. Write to me, we will consider any investment proposals.


CTO. Programming and technical support

Software engineering genius. He graduated from the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, a true IT talent factory in Ukraine. Max was born on January 1. He's a lively person who happens to love parties. That is why we have been celebrating every update, new module, or brilliant code line. Max is our technical support specialist, so we send any suggestions or wishes you may have to him :)


CCO. SMM and work with clients

Alexa is our most beautiful employee. After all, we believe that beauty can save our world and that's why our website and the software are so nice) She's a sociable person and will answer any questions related to our program or log-in. If you got a message on Instagram, that is her doing. Be sure to subscribe to our page and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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